Marriage Mentoring is a program developed by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrot for use in local churches.  The goal of Marriage Mentoring is to strengthen marriages by pairing up a more seasoned couple (the mentor couple) with a younger couple (the mentoree).  The couples typically meet 6-8 times over an 8-10 month period.  Research shows that this type of relationship reduces the divorce rate and produces happier marriages.

Mentor couples are those who have a strong marriage and desire to invest in other couples.  Mentor couples aren’t perfect, but they are genuine and real.  Often they have been married long enough to have experience in working through various issues.

Mentoree couples are those who desire to have another couple who has “been there, done that” walk alongside them and speak truth into their lives.

All couples will be screened prior to participation in the marriage mentoring program.  Once selected, mentor couples will complete a mentor training course and become certified marriage mentors.  Selected couples will then be matched with a mentoree couple.  Training for mentor couples is usually done in the summer with a new session of marriage mentoring beginning each fall and concluding the next spring.

Couples who have been involved in this program commented that they looked forward to their time together.  One couple stated “it’s a chance to take a step back and talk to an experienced couple that has gone through the experiences we are going through.”  One mentor couple commented that the mentoree’s “willingness to learn” and “good discussions” ended up encouraging both the mentor and mentoree’s marriages.  The Marriage Mentoring program is not designed to be couples counseling, but rather encouragement and support as couples grow in their faith and marriage.

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