It's been a hard season. And I've been emotionally exhausted. So tired that I'm just now finding a glimmer of energy to write about it. Grab a cup of tea with me and let's chat. Usually I’m on the listening side of the discussion and you would sit in my office for hope and clarity.  I think I’ll do the talking today.  And I’m imagining you pulling up a chair, holding your steaming cup of tea and saying, “Mmm-hmm, girl that’s right.” This morning as I was getting dressed an old song played on my phone by Erin O’Donnell.  I first heard her over 15 years ago.  Her song, “Thank You,” struck me, especially from the second verse on…

“Doesn’t always go so smoothly or sometimes even good

It gets broken like the rest of me and I rarely understood

But it’s shelter from the storm, salvation from the cold

And it suddenly lit up for me and I’m able to behold.

Thank You, Thank You for giving me this life

Thank You, Thank You I want to get it right.

The joining up of common threads woven into a hope

And this fabric You’ve created is the finest thing I know

You are so good to me always, but right now I’m taking note

Cause looking up these stairs tonight I feel a burning hope

I might have tried things on my own, but I could not have gone far

Cause what You’ve given me through this family is the greatest gift of all.

Thank You, Thank You for giving me this life

Thank You, Thank You I want to get it right.

Thank You, Thank You for finding me through love,

Thank you Thank You I’m grateful to the end.”


This has been an exhausting season but there is so much to be thankful for.  I’m thankful for a strong marriage and a husband who prays faithfully with me and laughs when that’s all we can do.  I’m thankful for God taking a child and completely turning them in a different direction so that they will walk in His will on His path.  I’m thankful for the strength to parent teenagers (who knew that would be something you need training for!!!) and the moments of parenting genius that appear.  I’m thankful for the insight of a child who can see through the mess and speak the truth.  I’m thankful for family who will pray and support and trust our parenting.  I’m thankful for friends who probably should be paid to listen to us.  And if we are totally being honest, I’m thankful for Netflicks because their shows seem to be able to solve things in 42 minutes. 


I have tried this on my own, but I know that God knows exactly what is going on and what the big picture is.  I probably need to just sit back and ask Him, “Where would you like me to join You?  I’ll stay so close to You that when You speak, I will know.  Lord, You have already spoken to me, so much in the last few months that I know You will continue to do so.”  So maybe what I need to learn is that life is messy right now and God is aware.  He even wants me to look at the big mess and say “Thank You for giving me this life.”  Help me Lord, my passion and desire is to get it right.


Thanks for listening friend, I’ll call to reschedule.